Hot Trailers

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Elizabeth Olsen (yes sister of Mary Kate and Ashley) breaks away from the family business in this taut fuckin' thriller. Plus it's got John Hawkes as what looks like the leader of a cult. Check out "Winters Bone" before hand to see a great performance by him then track down this one.


      The new film "Melancholia" from Lars Von Trier, which premieres at Cannes this year, looks to possibly be his biggest film yet. With, what I consider his most star-studded cast, if this doesn't make it to theaters, he never will. Which is probably fine with him, but I'd like to experience it. I present you with the beginning of the end of the world, Lars Von Trier style.

Sleeping Beauty

     "Sleeping Beauty" is being premiered at the 64th Cannes Film Festival. All I know is that she's a prostitute and she takes sleeping pills so she doesn't have to deal with the sex. Other than that, i have no idea, But it looks wicked sweet, and haunting as fuck. Enjoy!

      Also, it's the girl from "Sucker Punch" if you didn't already know. And from what I've seen while finding the trailer for this is, DO NOT say anything bad about sucker punch. The fan boys tear you apart and call you a cunt... I'm still trying to get over it.